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This Lizard Shoots Ьɩood From Its Eyes

Animals | January 31, 2023 3:12 PM | hangbony

Horned lizards shoot blood from their eyes, which is weird! A horned lizard is a one-reptile wrecking crew with a bizarre self-defense strategy who sits motionless in the desert sun, eyeing a young coyote skulking nearby. Their unusual defense mechanism involves the flooding of their ocular sinuses, tissues found below their eye, with blood. When […]

Vava Suresh Catching 170th Kingcobra at Thenmala

Animals | | hangbony

I’m from Tamilnadu. Lot of people admires him for his courage and his kind heart. Prayers for him now!!! He will comeback from this critical situation. I heard ,he’s in hospital in serious condition because a snake bite him. Amazing VaVa. I hope you will teach lot of kids, villagers and farmers how to recognize […]

The eріс Ьаttɩe as a Giant Anaconda Snake Takes on Member of the Crocodile Family in a fіɡһt to tһe deаtһ.

Animals | | hangbony

The green Anaconda attacked the two-meter Caiman, near the town of Los Llanos, Venezuela, finding it in the swamps of the jungle where both animals live. unsuspecting Caimam, a relative of crocodiles and alligators, is approached from below by the giant snake, which proceeds to wrap its powerful body around the reptile and slowly squeeze […]

The Last Moment Of The Brown Snake Before Being Caught By Someone Else

Animals | | hangbony

Do not try this at home! The eastern brown snake is the second-deadliest snake on the planet. Here in Australia, it is the number one killing snake and has claimed more human fatalities than all other species of dangerous snake put together. Please do not let these statistics frighten you, though, as it is a […]

12 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

Animals | | hangbony

With over 3,000 snake species known to humans, it’s no surprise they come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and patterns. If you too think we spend a little too much time fearing these slithering creatures instead of admiring their natural beauty, then stick around, because today we’re bringing you The 12 Most Beautiful Snakes […]

Snake with a face on its back is star of Indian village where children learn to charm cobras from the age of two

Animals | | hangbony

While other one-year-olds are just learning to walk and talk, the children of the Kalbelia tribe are introduced to the centuries-old art of snake charm. All the children of the Kalbelia tribe come face-to-face with a poisonous cobra at age two. They treat them as their siblings. Snake charm is the practice of pretending to […]

Blood-sucking vampire fish flooded many rivers in the UK, making scientists ponder

Animals | | hangbony

I’ve seen one of these in person when I went to the beach once… saw a bunch of holes in the sand, so I floated above the water and watched them, curiously. I saw one of these creeps pop out, with its many, many teeth, and I swear, I’ve never rushed out of the water […]

Close-up of the world’s most dangerous frog “eating” snakes makes viewers scared

Animals | | hangbony

This frog has a tragic past. His whole family was eaten by snakes when he was little, since then he made it his mission to eat every single snake for revenge. He ate this snake infront of the camera because he wants to convey his feelings, it was a way to challenge other snakes. Actually, […]

In the wild, a rare two-headed snake was found: What a strange sight

Animals | | hangbony

A two-headed snake was saved from certain death after being found by a kind hearted animal lover. The unique looking snake was found by retiree Josip Vranic in his garden in Kravarsko, Croatia, a small town just outside Zagreb. The guy who brought in the snake was actually my grandpa and he sells snakes for […]

Look at! The most precious giant albino cobra in the world

Animals | | hangbony

Absolutely gorgeous snake love the video! That cobra however is not an albino. It’s actually a leucistic cobra. Still an absolutely rare snake to find in the wild. Albinos can be solid white or an extremely lighter-colored version of their normal selves. They will also have bright vivid pink/red eyes. The fact that this cobras […]

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