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Love & Cute | April 2, 2022 8:51 AM | hangbony

Mamma Bear Teaches Her Cub How To Play On The Slide, And The Consequences Are Hilarious

Betsie Stockslager was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. Betsie is an elementary school teacher, and her school’s playground is surrounded by a forest. She was relaxing in the park when she was taken aback by a strange yet endearing sight.

The forests that surrounded the school area were home to a variety of species. You never know what to expect from the animals when they have free time to roam.

Betsie notices a gang of bears hanging out near the playground. They appeared to be passing through the area and seemed to be having a good time on the slide. This is when Betsie is at her best, capturing wonderful moments in such a short amount of time.

The nicest part of the delightful moments was the way the mother bear educated her puppies. As though she’s done it before, she climbs the enormous slide and then falls. On the other hand, the young one lacked self-assurance. As a result, he decided to train on the smaller one.

As the small cub slides down, the maternal bear begins to bounce and enjoy the moment, knowing that her baby has learned something new today. Even the onlookers began to applaud at this point.

Mama bear pretended to be a teacher to her cubs. Mama bears and their pleasant demeanor have been the subject of many stories, but Betsie had firsthand contact with them.

For the children and teachers, this was not a frightening experience because it was a common occurrence in the rocky environment. Despite the fact that they were filming the humorous scene indoors, they were not afraid in the least. They were savoring every moment of it.

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