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Love & Cute | April 3, 2022 7:30 AM | hangbony

Adorable moment a loving polar bear mum plays with her baby in snow for the first-time

This is the touching moment when a polar bear mother and her little pup first play in the snow. After spending the previous few months in the den, the two venture out into the snow. Their amazing joyous moment was captured on film!

The Novosibirsk Zoo, one of Russia’s largest, has some charming sights. Gerda and her darling baby got the chance to enjoy the snow for the first time together after becoming a mother for the second time. While the patient mother had seen many winters, this is the first time the young cub has seen snow. Needless to say, it adores it!

Polar bear cubs are incredibly helpless in the first several months after birth, so they completely rely on their mothers. The mother and the cubs are not allowed to leave the den until they are strong enough. The cub was already a few months old in this case, so the items allowed it and its mother to enjoy some fresh air.


The cub will have to stay with its mother for a few more months even though it is robust enough to play in the snow. Kay, the cub’s father, is still not permitted to be near the infant or the mother. Because his behavior could be unpredictable, the crew takes no chances.

After initially being wary of seeing so much snow, the curious cub began to: explore the surroundings. Of course, under the watch of its mother!

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