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Love & Cute | April 4, 2022 6:58 AM | hangbony

Rescued Baby Lion Can’t Sleep Without Favorite Blanket, Even Now As An Adult

Meet Lambert, an African lion who was rescued after being purchased illegally by a family who decided they no longer wanted him.

Lambert’s rescuer, Vicky Keahey, thought he looked more like a puppy dog than a regal lion when she first spotted him, and she was glad to take him to her rescue, ‘In-Sync-Exotics.’

“The previous owners obtained him illegally as a pet for their young children,” the father explained, after the youngsters requested Simba after viewing the lion king.

“After a short period of time, the family decided they couldn’t keep him, so we were approached and asked if we could take him, which we gladly accepted.”

“The previous owners told us he slept in the same bed as the grandfather.”

“So I went into the enclosure and brought him a blanket and placed it in one of the corners.” He cuddled up on that blanket and fell asleep almost immediately. I’ve always given him a blanket since then.”

Lambert couldn’t be released back into the wild because he was born in captivity and bred to be as tame as possible, so the center took him in.

“He has 7,000 square feet to run around in, including a covered den area for shelter and protection from the elements, as well as a sunny, grassy playground with the pool he enjoys.”

Lambert has matured into a healthy and content adult lion, but one thing remains the same. Even without his favorite comfort blanket, he can’t sleep!

“He’s like any other 2-year-old lion in that he’s energetic, playful, and full of cattitude. With him, you know where you stand.”

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