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Birds | April 6, 2022 3:00 AM | hangbony

Incredible eagle mom protects her nest even when she is covered in snow

The mother is willing to go to any length to protect her future children. Even when the nest was almost completely covered in snow, the female bald eagle refused to leave!

She continued to reheat the eggs, though, in order for the chicks to see the light. For the past ten years, Bella and Smitty, two bald eagles, have been returning to their massive nest on Mount Potomac to have kids. Ornithologists have long used cameras to monitor how these lovely birds raise their young.

This year, however, viewers were more concerned than normal about them. The winter was bitterly cold, the nest was buried in snow, and Bella was unable to move. Male eagles are in charge of food, catching fish and small animals, while female eagles spend 80 percent of their time sitting on eggs.The eagles are unable to leave their nest unattended once they have laid their eggs. The mother eagle will sit on her eggs, warming them, whether it’s a snowstorm, hail, or neck-deep snow.

When the eagle was completely engulfed in snow, she stretched her wings, fluffed her feathers, and shattered the enslavement. She used her beak and huge claws to turn the eggs and then returned to the nest. And she had to wait a bit longer for her watch to end—the chicks were supposed to be born in a week. Even so, she won’t be able to entirely extricate herself from the responsibilities of motherhood. Newborn chicks will remain in the nest for another three months while their parents provide food. They’ll need to be trained to fly after that. Even young eagles who have learned to fly, however, will not be abandoned by their mothers; their parents will continue to feed and train them to hunt.

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