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Love & Cute | April 8, 2022 7:12 AM | hangbony

Tiny Penguin Makes a D.ea.dly Dash From Giant Leopard Seal.

As the sea ice melts ever earlier in the season, swimming to escape predators becomes even harder. Can this penguin survive its d.ea.dly dash to freedom?

I can’t be the only one thinking, “HOW IN THE H.E.LL DID THEY GET THIS FOOTAGE!”

There’s definitely more going on than us humans will ever understand.

How is it possible for the leopard seal to be both h.or.rifying and really sweet at the same time? In the last shots when he’s talking to the penguin he looks so friendly and cute!

The c.ra.ziest thing is that there is absolutely nothing to explain this. The seal worked hard to chase that penguin and for a meal, he needed that penguin to eat to survive, yet he just let him go. It’s impossible to understand what overcame the seal’s instinct to eat and survive that led him to let the penguin go.

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