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Animals | April 10, 2022 10:51 AM | hangbony

Mongoose vs Cobra Snake,Ultimate fight that Lead to D.ea.th of both

The mongoose is weakened by the v.enom and looks in very poor condition before the struggle.

This teaches us fighting between eachother the last result is d.ea.th and third person will enjoy and at last the winner will be third person.

Poor cobra always get caught with mangoos and become prey. First time seen both the pecies have d.ead.

Un.for.tunate for the Mongoose. The black Cobra was big enough and full of potent venoms which it injected into the Mongoose a number of times.

The fact that the Mongoose knew exactly where to attack the snake is incredible. Right at the head. Unbelievable.

As a child growing up in India. I owned a pet Mongoose called Dusty. One evening we heard a loud commotion in our back yard. Our attendants were shouting loudly. My faithful pet was fighting with a cobra which it k.illed. Good childhood memories.

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