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Dog | May 25, 2022 4:48 AM | hangbony

>> Rescue of abandoned dog with ticks, tied up with a rope.

A report was received about a dog that had ticks tied to his body with a rope. When we arrived, the people who had called us were waiting for us.

It had been abandoned as a fearful and v.ul.ne.rable dog. As he moved, a tick burst, spilling b.l.o.o.d in.to his e.y.es. We thanked everyone who had gotten in touch with us.

They were successful in saving him. Before he may come to our refuge, he must be tick-free. As a result, he must be isolated in his own room. After treatment, the ticks started to fall off.

During the next three days, all of the ticks will fall off and d.i.e. He then goes to a veterinarian to get his health examined.

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