>> Rescue Puppy From Little Poor Life to the Queen

This baby girl is only one and a half months old and was born with two of her hind legs disabled. Her circumstances are dire; as you can see, her entire body is diseased and filthy, and his stomach is larger than normal.

Her white blood cell count is abnormally high, indicating that she is infected. She needs drugs to raise her blood cell count because she has a low red blood cell count of 17%. Her liver and kidneys are malfunctioning. She need treatment for a blood parasite.

Day 9: Ava’s blood parasite and mange are being treated by the veterinarian. Her skin is improving, and she is becoming more active. She attempted to stand on two of her rear legs and walk on her left.
Day 13: I need to take her to the vet for a checkup and an X-ray to see how her bone is doing.
Ava, monitoring her temperature and fecal chacking.

She has pattela luxation in both hind legs, according to her blood values and X-ray…

When her health improves sufficiently to allow surgery, she will require it.

She also has ascites, hypoproteinemia, and anemia. She must initially be treated for all of these. Only 25% of red blood cells are normal, down from 35% previously.

She is malnourished and requires additional protein and vitamins. Day 19: The vet estimates that treating her will take 2 to 3 months before her sking is clear. No more mange, no more amy infection, and just wait for her health to improve. Day 22: Ava Stomm is boarding with the vet until her skin problem improves.

Ava currently appears to be in better health and is moving and playing. Ava has been growing for almost a month and is already pretty tall. Her skin had lost its odor. Her hair is silky and smooth. She is outgoing and playful…. Even with a splint on her leg, she can walk and jump extremely well.