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Dog | May 26, 2022 1:29 AM | hangbony

>> Dog with Massive Tumor Underwent Great Transformation – Emotional Moment!

She can’t quit waving her tail despite lo.s.ing one leg. Rescuers discovered the dog wandering throughout Phetchabun province, but she was too painful to steer due to large tumors.

Because no one could aid her, rescuers were obliged to transport her 455 kilometers (almost six hours) to Pattaya for medical treatment. On the dog’s leg, veterinarians discovered other tumors, which had grown as well.

So they fed her a lot of food, and she or he ate a lot of it.

Doctors determined that the dog’s tumor needed to be removed from her body, but she had to have her limb amputated as a result. After a month, the wounds healed and he was able to walk normally again.

Finally, she was adopted and went back to Phetchabun.

This has turned out to be one of my favourite videos. You could see the look of total helplessness and sadness in her eyes. But at the end she’s like a different dog and that tail that wouldn’t stop wagging! What a sweet dog. And those who took her in, cared for and cured her, you’re all hero’s.

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