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Dog | May 26, 2022 3:20 AM | hangbony

>> Motery, She Escaped From Sla.ugh.terhouse with Tape Mouth But After Rescued Her Life Totally Channged

Such a damn beautiful ending from a dis.gus.ting and cr.u.el beginning. The vet and staff were so gentle. Motery sat and let the vet take off the aw.ful tape that is so synonymous with the he.in.ous dog meat trade. The love and devotion of her fur-ever family helps make this all worthwhile. Good job everyone, we must learn and help as much as we can.

I am very happy that your fight was not in vain. She was found, operated on, cared for and adopted. I hope she is very loved and respected. May your new family always be blessed and together be very happy. Thanks.

thank you so much, whoever didn’t like it doesn’t love anything, thank you for humanity and kindness this 4 paw angel deserves a happy home, I don’t understand the e.vil, human cr.ue.lty.

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