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Cat | May 26, 2022 9:04 AM | hangbony

>> Meet Coco and Mimi Dad & Mama Golden British Shorthair Cuddling Kitten a few hours after birth.

Thank you so much for sharing Mimi’s and her adorable furbaby’s proudest memories with us all. Mimi, along with her happy father Coco, will and is a great proud Mama cat now. Mimi is meowing to let everyone know what a great family she now has.

Many blessings to the joyful little family. Coco walking up to Mimi and their baby and giving them both loving kisses is really sweet. The angels are now looking after the kittens that have passed away in paradise.

Mimi is exhausted, but she smiles as she watches her adorable newborn cat take his first steps into the world. Coco will be a wonderful father when she extends out her paw to caress her precious angel meowing with joy.

It’s really touching to watch a mother’s love and her infant daughter’s reliance! Coco reassures his daughter that everything will be fine, and he, too, lavishes care on her.

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