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Dog | May 30, 2022 9:39 AM | hangbony

>> This Adorable Puppy Wouldn’t Stop Smiling in Her Shelter Kennel

Pittie puppy can’t stop smiling after she finds out she is going to be adopted into her forever home. When she’s doing that “Ahh, life is good” stretch there at the end is the best. The appreciation is quite apparent as she plays with her siblings as well. Great story. Empathetic and loving humans. Yep. Life is good.

Remember not every dog has an adorable smile or a small cute stature. Some are older and beautiful, they deserve a happy home and loving parents just like this one.

I’ve probably watched this four or five times over the last few years. Layla just has the most lovingly contagious eyes, heart, and actions I’ve seen in a puppy in a long time. These people are super lucky to have wound up with such a unique dog! She’s like a puppy, a joey, a bunny, and a bat all rolled up in one adorable unit. What an amazing pupper.

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