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Dog | May 31, 2022 6:34 AM | hangbony

>> Little Puppy Cries on His Lifeless Mother who got hit by a Car

It’s devastating film, as a passerby witnessed this unfortunate mother dog being hit by a car and dying on a busy highway. Her puppy was terrified and cried out over his lifeless mother…

The rescuer arrived after receiving a call from a bystander who had seen them. They fed the poor dog some food, but he refused to eat because he was still terrified and horrified…

The puppy was also sick and dehydrated, and he appeared to be beyond hope. They’d buried her mother, and he’ll never see her again, which is too tragic. We can sense it, and we can’t stop crying…

The puppy was sent to a veterinarian for treatment. When he arrived to the vet, he still refused to drink milk or eat food. He’s currently in the vet’s office, where he’ll be treated with tender loving care from the veterinarian and everyone else.

He’s safe, but he’ll need some time to recuperate and receive all of the affection he deserves. It’s a heartbreaking story, but this poor puppy will have a happy life. Please continue to pray for this little sweetie, as we are grateful to all of the kindhearted folks who were involved in his rescue!

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