>> The little dog was thrown into the landfill by someone in a state of exhaustion

Even donations can help change the lives of homeless animals, If You Want To Support Us And Help More With RESOURCES we will buy food and provide new homes for these poor animals.

Pa.in.ful images to be seen, it h.ur.ts my heart to see how cr.u.el we are still to the little animals, helpless, lonely, who only transmit love and affection …..

That is pure e.v.il! Anyone who can tie an animal’s legs and th.ro.w them in a d.u.mp like that doesn’t deserve to br.ea.the the same air as us. I hope karma gets him good I hope he ends up in the d.u.mp himself. May God-bless you for all the good deeds that you do rescuing those poor animals.

I have seen a lot in this life, but you can’t look at it without tears and anger at the same time !! Whoever did this to this puppy, I curse you, so that your children would treat you the same way !!! And to the person who saved, I wish good luck, health and all the best.