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Dog | May 31, 2022 9:35 AM | hangbony

>> Dog brain d.a.m.a.ged by blow to head recovers.

When we found her, she was almost unconscious lying in bushes after having been brutally hit on the head, we don’t know by who or with what. She was disoriented and totally unable to stand or even lift her head. Watch what happened to Muriel after many weeks of treatment at Animal Aid Unlimited.

The world needs more people like you. You guys are the best you are awesome and I wish I could donate but I’m only 12 so I can’t really do that, but if I could I would give you all my money.

these videos are so amazing, i can’t even express how grateful i am that people like you exist. i’m genuinely considering joining your team in india. thank you for doing what you do.

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