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Dog | June 7, 2022 1:37 AM | hangbony

>> Elderly Woman Pa.ss.es Away & Now All 14 Of Her Senior Dogs Are Homeless

When an old dog owner pa.ss.ed away unexpectedly, two rescue organizations, Stray Rescue of St. Louis and Five Acres Animal Shelter, teamed up to find homes for 14 senior canines. ilovemydogsomuch adds that none of the fourteen dogs had ever received medical attention.

Both groups had no idea what to anticipate, but they knew they wanted to help. The rescuers instantly saw that all of the dogs had dental problems. They’d already lost a few or all of their teeth.

While the dogs’ health wasn’t ideal, and no one knew what kind of discomfort or anguish they were experiencing, they were all patient and sweet. They realized that these friendly new people were there to assist them.

All of the dogs were evaluated once they returned to the shelters. Many people had mange, cataracts, and other major health problems. All fourteen canines were given baths and lots of love one by one. They were ecstatic (because they are!).

The rescue organizations acknowledge that each dog will require substantial medical attention, but they vow that they will all receive it. We are so happy to see that all fourteen dogs are being well cared for, whether they go to a medical foster or can be adopted out if they are well enough.

This is why rescue organizations are called ANGELS! Also, don’t forget that elderly are important! They are the most difficult to find permanent homes for. Please consider welcoming an elderly pet into your heart and home. Watch the video below to learn more about the incredible rescue!

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