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Animals | June 17, 2022 8:46 AM | hangbony

“Frog” Defends Her Eggs From “Wasps”

Glass frog is the common name for amphibians belonging to the family Centrolenidae, so named for their translucent abdominal skin. Indigenous to the cloud forests of Central and South America, 13 species of cloud frogs have been identified in Costa Rica. These nocturnal tree-dwelling frogs stay camouflaged during the day on the underside of leaves.

In the jungle there is always someone out to get you, and this frog fights to protect his offspring from a group of hungry wasps.

I especially love how the frog turns over after fighting for his offspring’s lives, just to watch the sunset and reflect.

Imagine trying to defend your kids from wasps a quarter of your size, who could eat YOU if you made a single mistake.

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