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Animals | June 17, 2022 9:40 AM | hangbony

Rescued Brown Bear Goes Fishing With Owner

The Eurasian brown bear happens to be one of the subspecies of the widespread brown bear. The Eurasian or European brown bears are found mostly in the northern Eurasian regions in the mountain woodlands. There are about 117,000 Eurasian brown bears left in the world. They are found in small quantities in other countries in Europe and Central Asia.

These bears are not the same as grizzly bears. There are six different bears referred to as grizzly bears. Eurasian brown bears are mostly solitary getting together only for the breeding season.

However, the mother may stay with her cubs for a couple of years at least. Eurasian brown bears feed on a diet of things like berries, nuts, seeds, small mammals, fruits, sheep, deer, carrion, and grasses. Their vision is rather poor, but the sense of smell is terrific.

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