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Cat | June 20, 2022 12:59 AM | hangbony

Fox Kits befriend with big Cats

Fox kits just wanna have fun! … But these Maine Coon cats, Boots and Chubby, aren’t having it!

I love how the cats eventually look straight at the human video taping this accusingly. “You brought these things into my house.”

That is so cute. Even though the cats were annoyed, they still seemed pretty gentle with them. They didn’t try to bite them, and there swats didn’t look too hard, kinda like a w.ar.ning.

The cats want nothing to do with the fennecs but you can tell by the fennecs’ 1000WPS (Wags Per Second) tails that they want everything to do with the cats. It’s like having a crush on someone who’d rather watch you d.i.e.

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