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Animals | July 21, 2022 7:36 AM | hangbony

Monitor lizard hunts and eats the whole snake

Lizards in the monitor lizard family are among the largest lizards in the world. These reptiles are mainly native to Asia, Africa, and Australia, but can also be found in parts of the Americas due to the illegal pet trade. Monitor lizards are known for their large claws, powerful tails, long necks, and well-developed legs.

They can move quickly and powerfully in pursuit of prey. Most monitor lizards are terrestrial and largely carnivorous. Depending on the size of the lizard, they will eat anything from insects and birds to small mammals.

The scientific name Varanus comes from an Arabic word that means dragon or lizard beast. The standard English name for the monitor lizard may come from the reptile’s habit of standing on its hind legs to look around.

Impressive size, massive body and a set of sharp teeth – this is only a small part of the attributes of a predator that is destined to survive in harsh deserts. Add to them perseverance, fearlessness and ag.gre.ssive disposition, and now we have a real king of the desert, who can cope with the most po.is.onous snakes and is not even afraid of a man! Happy viewing!

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