“Giant Isopod” deep-sea with alligator

The pillbug that roly poly backyard bug has a colossal cousin that lives in the ocean’s darkest depths. The giant isopod (Bathynomus giganteus) roams the deep seafloor feasting on fish carcasses and other debris that fall from above. Of thousands of species of isopods, the giant isopod is the largest and among the most mysterious.

Though it was discovered in 1879, scientists have yet to do extensive studies on this animal’s biology and behavior.

“They’ll eat so much, that they basically become immobile or stu.pi.fied in their actions and so that just may be the fact that they’ve gorged themselves so much in a effort to get this rare resource that they actually inhibited themselves from proper locomotion.” I understand that feeling perfectly.

Alligators were dropped to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in February 2019 for the first-ever experiment on what eats reptiles in the world’s deep oceans. This research will help us learn more about: