A Slipper On Your Pet’s Head Can Make Them Look Like The Pope, And Here Are 30 Pics To Prove It.

It’s obvious that a lot of pet owners like to mildly irritate their fuzzy friends from time to time. It’s all in great fun, of course.

Apparently, in a place along the line of attempting to find new ways to do that, somebody decided to put a slipper on their pet’s head.

Afterward, they took a picture, uploaded it to the inter internet, and the rest is history. Now, there are hundreds and hundreds of lovable pictures on different social networks platforms catching pets using slipper hats to applaud us up throughout these tough times.

Without further trouble, Bored Panda invites you to check out a few of our favorite photos of fluffers posing in their slipper hats as if they were The Pope.