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Love & Cute | September 20, 2022 8:12 AM | hangbony

White Tiger Mom Breastfeeding her 4 babies cub at Tobu Zoo

A heart-melting video released by CGTN shows the baby Bengal tigers, all artificially reproduced, frolicking with each other and their keepers on November 10.
The newly formed nursery is located inside the Taiyuan Zoo in northern China’s Shanxi Province.
According to China Central Television Station, the number of newborn white tiger cubs has soared in Taiyuan Zoo this year.

In addition, many of the tiger mothers don’t have parenting experience.
Therefore, the management decided to set up a special team to raise the cubs in a designated area.
A keeper at the zoo told the reporter that nursing a white tiger cub requires time and energy. A newborn cub needs to be fed as many as eight times a day in the first two weeks after it’s born.

The majority of the cubs in the zoo measure 70 to 80 centimeters (27 to 31 inches) in length and around 20 kilograms (44 pounds) in weight.
They would be ready to meet the public soon, said the keeper.
White Bengal tigers have always been extremely rare in the wild. They are Bengal tigers, but they are white because of a genetic anomaly.
A baby White Bengal Tiger can only be born when both of its parents carry the rare gene, which turns up naturally about once every 10,000 births, according to Animal Corner.
Their striking color has made them popular with zoos and circuses.
Two other Chinese zoos, Lianyungang’s Xinpu Park and Jinan Wildlife Park, have both reported births of White Bengal Tiger cubs this year.

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