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Dog | July 26, 2022 8:23 AM | hangbony

Man Saves A Bull Mastiff Who Was Buried In Dirt And Be Left

Man Going For Walk Rescues Bull Mastiff He Found Bu.ri.ed In Dirt
As an animal lover, it always touches my heart when I see an animal that survives the cr.ue.lty that exists in our world and is rescued by people who care. This is often the first time these animals ever feel the gentle touch of a human hand.

I can’t imagine how someone could be so e.v.i.l as to abuse an innocent animal. How hard is it to not hurt a living being? What makes someone so de.pr.aved that they find joy in tor.tur.ing an animal? These types of people really should be pun.is.hed, but all too often all that happens is the animals are removed from their possession and they move onto another innocent animal with the mis.for.tune to cross the wrong person’s path.

Athena is a Dogue De Bordeaux, also known as a French Mastiff in France, that managed to survive a decade of ab.use culminating by being bu.ri.ed alive earlier this month by the person who should have been her biggest advocate, her owner.

Luckily, an animal lover walking his own dog passed through the empty lot where Athena was buried and noticed something sticking out of the dirt. That is when he realized it was a dog’s head, that she was still alive, and he took action to rescue her!

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