A 35-pound cat from a shelter finds the ideal new family.

This big cat is called a cat. His name is Symba and he is six years old. The 35-kilogram giant kitten had a hard time finding a home that wanted him. The original owner had to get rid of it as they couldn’t keep it.

Because of the weight, he couldn’t walk properly. A few hours after the announcement of Symba’s adoption, he already had an interested family. He was left in the Humane Rescue Alliance, where there were more conditions for him to thrive. To give you an idea, this cat is heavier than a baby lion.

The first step was to make the kitty regain mobility. He used a cat wheel for a while until he was able to move by himself. They taught him to solve challenges to get access to food, making him move when he wanted to eat. The process was successful and the diet started to be regulated.

A while later, Symba was already 15 kilos. It’s still a lot, but it’s a lot less than he had when he arrived. Not to mention that if he managed to get there, he can go further. The effort of the giant kitten of frightening proportions caught the attention of would-be adopters.

The new owners accepted the challenge of looking after Symba and keeping him on the right path to getting healthier. With responsible people around, the kitty will have to follow the diet. But that’s not all, as he also gets a lot of affection on top of everything else. What matters in the end is this affection that helps to heal and win. We hope he continues to win.