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Love & Cute | November 18, 2022 2:14 PM | hangbony

The Love Story Of Jaguars, Neron and Keira! – The Big Cat Sanctuary

This is such a beautiful relationship. We need more of these wonderful stories in the news. All animals are sentient beings who love and feel as deeply as we do. It is hard to understand why in the past any human would want to deny this. Our mission and duty as humans is to be kind to all animals and spread the teachings of Love and Compassion to all living beings worldwide. God bless Neron and Keira.

The moment that gets me the most is when he just let’s her rest on his paw like dude if I don’t get a man like Neron then I don’t one at all.

It was a pleasure at the end of last year when we came to the Winter Wonderland. We had the chance to wander around and I managed to get some superb pictures of Neron. I called to him by the huge window and he came over. He is such a beautiful boy but missing his partner, who was looking after Inka at the time. We are looking forward to see her in her own enclosure now.

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