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Animals | August 24, 2022 8:14 AM | hangbony

When a lion cub won’t listen to mom

It’s funny how he is the only cub trying to get into the water, it is just that one annoying sibling in every family, just love how she looks back whenever he starts to laugh.

The mom constantly looks towards the guy like “Are you making fun of my parenting, So basically being a Lion mom is just like being a human mom, Let’s take a moment to appreciate that hilarious commentary.

how the cub is having a temper tantrum like a human kid, and giving screams of protests while being reprimanded, Never have I seen any feline still kick wildly after being held at the neck area. Usually, their baby position kicks in. That cub must be hard-headed.

She looked around that second time to make sure social services weren’t going to arrest her, The relationship between Mom and her child is the same no matter what the species is love.

just like the beginning where she pulls the cub away and begins hitting the cub side to side but then looked up at the camera like, Oh no, they’re gonna call social services on me.

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