Duck Blocked The Road

It is wonderful how the adults monitor and guide the little ones carefully. Also, well done to the drivers for stopping for this orderly parade. A big huge thank you to everyone that stopped for these sweet little beauties.

Holy Crap I have never seen that many cross the road at the same time. I loved the way the adults were in the front center and the rear of the group, kind of like teachers with children on a school trip.

How nice, everyone is patiently waiting, not honking, not hooting, not clapping their hands, not shouting, not sitting by the road, taking selfies, quietly and calmly waiting for the geese – swans to cross, with rest, mind you, to the reservoir.

Say what you like. These geese know how to bring up the young and teach them the right way. Nice to see the drivers taking care of them as well. We could learn so much from these clever birds.

The geese standing stationary all along the crossing to make sure the traffic is blocked from moving is a sign of intelligence. Who said animals can’t think to plan ahead.