Can Lizard run away from Honey Badger?

I would expect this honey badger if it were as big as the size of a lion. Keep the animal alive where it is. I like how it says “Lizard” when referring to a massive bloody Monitor lol like bruh they eat Lizards for breakfast haha.

The honeybadgers will treat the largest lizards like these as just an ordinary meal. No big deal! They actually will annoy huge crocs which they will never be able to kill & eat, and then move along once it loses interest.

when it comes to the badger, is not like you were looking for trouble, is more like trouble was looking for you this little guy confronts lions to steal their food is not scared of hyenas or leopards kills poisonous snakes, and eats them, and goes to the actual bee hive (nest) and steals its larvae this little guy has no worries whatsoever his middle name is bad.