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Love & Cute | September 2, 2022 8:14 AM | hangbony

A Dying Cow Sheds Tears of Gratitude to the Man Who Promised to Take Care of Her Baby

A dying mother is very grateful to a person they can trust with their children when they pass . We can rarely find
such a person worthy of our trust , and when we are assured , we are at peace .

It is actually up to us as individuals if we make ourselves trustworthy . The same goes for animals who know the
people they can trust .
Their behavior towards us is a guide on how to react towards them in return . A mother cow named Freser has just
given birth to her first and last baby calf , and she is very grateful to Ismael who helped her during the birth process .

Due to unstable health conditions , Freser faced difficulties while giving birth . Ismael assured Freser and did his best
to put her at ease through the process .
Freser repays his help through affection and kissing him .

When the birth process was over , Freser started to cry . Yes , believe it or not , the mother cow kept crying , tears
falling on the sides of her face .

At that time , her health did not show any improvements . Freser’s condition was particularly weak after giving birth
to her daughter , Savi . She could no longer stand up after giving birth .

He noticed that Freser was having trouble during the process so he had to reach into her uterus to pull out the calf ,
still noticing that there was no bleeding .

Freser started to cry , maybe she knew there was something wrong . After the baby came and was safe , Freser kept
kissing Ismael , as though she was expressing her gratitude .

This was her final ” goodbye . ” She was transferred to another place , leaving her daughter , Savi , and Ismael behind .

Freser was assured that little Savi will be well cared for by Ismael . The next day , after giving birth , Freser passed
away . She was at peace .

From then on , Ishmael kept his promise to Freser . Ishmael now takes good care of Savi , along with other cows and
bulls at Fundacion Santuario Gaia ( Gaia Sanctuary Foundation ) .

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