Farmer Shocked When Cow Gives Birth to Two-Faced Calf

Wow. It’s great that they are doing so much for the calf to sustain it as long as possible. Awe!!! That poor baby!! She’s so cute!! I know she will live a good life and be able to walk when her time comes.

You watch these types of things and now watching it again I think about how long she survived and if she is still alive. I hope she is still alive and if she is I wish her hope to live a wonderful life.

Poor little calf she is very unique though she will get the strength to hold up her head and run as fast as she can to reach her destiny I hope she lives as long as possible and everyone should pray for her.

Interesting to know if she can feed from both mouths and raises the question if she can if it’s two calf’s with one body or one calf with two heads.