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Love & Cute | November 3, 2022 8:35 AM | hangbony

A Tigress Adopted Piglets And Raised Them As Her Own Babies

This is so amazing and sweet ❤
If these enemies by instinkt can make peace, tells me how good the animals are ❤ If they makes peace, why doesent humans do it to.?

This is macicly beautiful. This shows the difference in responsibility in a Tiger and in a Human. This also shows how animals aren’t always aggressive to an animal that is on the whole other side of a food chain. It also shows how animals that are on a whole other side of a food chain can still be family, or friends.

Aww. The animals behave better than most people. Also I really want a capybara. They are so cute. Animals have more senses to recognize who They sense from their paws and feel from their.

The tiger I think probably realizes that the piglets will grow and provide a more of a filling meal once they are fully grown.

Although I had a chow that had a litter of puppies and I had a cat that also had a litter of kittens about the same time and the mother cat was hit by a car and died the chow took in and cared for the kittens with the puppies feeding them and protecting the kittens and the chow treated the puppies and kittens the same.

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What a pretty bird, never heard of it before.

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Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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