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Animals | September 11, 2022 12:09 AM | hangbony

Cobra snake is filmed being forced to regurgitate six large eggs

It’s universally acknowledge that eggs are best eaten without the shell – but apparently this greedy cobra didn’t get the memo.

Bizarre footage from India shows the reptile regurgitating a whopping six whole eggs after it scoffed seven – and clearly regretted it.

In a rare incident, a King Cobra swallowed seven eggs and threw up six of them in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj District. A video shows the snake gulping the eggs and taking six of them out instantly. The incident happened in Baldhia area that comes under the jurisdiction of the Similipal Tiger Reserve. The species is predominantly found in forests of Southeast Asia.

It’s not fake, when it’s regurgitating the 4th egg the spit of cobra on the egg falls on the floor, if it would had been played in reverse then the spit of the cobra should had been there even before regurgitating, but wasn’t there.

Snakes usually regurgitate their food if they feel thr.eatened to escape being in.ju.red or k.i.lled. The snake was thr.ea.tened by the kids and the person taking the video, hence regurgitated the eggs.

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