Bizarre Fish Pictured With Eerily Human-Like Teeth Caught By Angler In Malaysia

This mysterious fish with human lips and teeth was just caught in Malaysia. Today, we take a look at this fish that’s just been caught that has human lips and teeth.

This photograph is currently going viral online. It shows a bizarre looking fish that appears to have human-like lips and teeth. When this photograph was first posted on social media, many people put forward different theories to try and explain it…



We bought two Pacu at a pet shop and later learned how big, strong and fast they can be. They’re often called “Tank Busters” for those reasons. We gave ours to some friends with a huge tank but they didn’t survive transport. They don’t need to be sold as pets.

Trigger fish! I had them,many different kinds of them, in my saltwater tank. They were my favorite dish in my tanks! Beautiful fish! They have two teeth on the top and two on the bottom that move forward when they wear down and lose them but only two at a time like a beak. You can tell it’s been photoshopped! This is fake.