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Animals | September 16, 2022 2:07 PM | hangbony

Cobra snake entered the bathroom, this cobra snake inaugurated the new bathroom

One North Carolina man found a snake in his toilet and ended up in a tug-of-war match with it. Homeowner Mike Green says snakes in his North Carolina neighborhood of Lattermore have been getting into bathrooms through the ventilation pipes on the roofs. “He came out of a tree that was hanging over the pipe,” he told Inside Edition. “This was the sixth snake to come out of the toilet in four years.”

Thanks for the million dollar advice I would’ve never known to call the animal control in the event that I found a snake in my toilet ,thanks you saved my life.

I love how no one is weirded out by just grabbing and touching something who has been swimming around your toilet. Yet if your phone drops in there every body gets weirded out to go get it.

Thanks for giving me anxiety about going to the toilet even when I really have to go.i was always scared of a snake coming out of a toilet but now my fear got worse even though they’re in North Carolina and I live in Chicago.

When I was 13 there was a little corn snake in my mom’s house it looked very scared so I helped it and I named it Canada only three hours later one of our neighbors said that was her snake and his name was Kiwi I gave it back to her. I missed him for the rest of the day :’)

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