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Elephant | October 28, 2022 9:39 AM | hangbony

Herd of Elephants Helps an Elephant Calf After Collapsing in the Road

Amazing and touching video of a herd of elephants helping an elephant calf that has collapsed in the road.

Helping a newborn get up after falling is instinctive.
It also comes as no surprise that the newborn elephant’s herd has breached the road to stop traffic and come to save the trapped calf when it crosses a major road in South Africa.
The disturbing incident was caught on camera as the baby elephant in Kruger National Park appeared to pass out in the middle of the road, halting traffic.

The juvenile elephant passed asleep while attempting to cross the busy road in South Africa’s bustling Kruger National Park.
The calf attempted to stand up on its own but struggled and fell to the ground in the middle of the road.

Eventually, several adult elephants showed up and made an effort to save the injured young elephant who was obstructing traffic. The cat then struggled to stand up and eventually lay down on the sidewalk.
However, several of the larger elephants subsequently arrived and tried to comfort the youngster by pressing them with their trunks and legs, as opposed to abandoning the baby on the road.
And as a result of their tireless efforts to cheer up the infant, the animal eventually stood up and safely made his way into the forest.

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