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Animals | October 4, 2022 3:00 PM | hangbony

Amazingly Intelligent Monkeys Save Rodent Mouse From Snake Hunting

Any passing Homo sapiens pedestrians could be in serious danger with all those rocks and stones being dropped and hurled into the air off the cliffs and mountains. They didn’t save the rodent from the snake. They were like, “Hey, that’s our dinner! Go look somewhere else for your own food! ”

Snake delivery of rodents to monkeys while they rock and roll. The flying lizard was pretty cool, as was the desert scene. You simply edited together some wildlife videos.

This is here in Brazil and these are capuchin monkeys, perhaps from the same group that became famous for breaking palm seeds using stones. The place is very similar, at least in the Northeast of the country. The snake is a caninana, common throughout Brazil. It is not poisonous, but rather fast and aggressive.

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