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Animals | October 5, 2022 12:34 AM | hangbony

Water Monitor vs Snake

Those water monitors are amazing. They’ll pretty much eat anything they can fit in. I had one in my garden in Thailand that specialised in eating toads. Not a pretty sight! But young ones also get eaten by snakes sometimes, especially golden tree snakes and king cobras. I’ve never seen it myself, but I was lucky enough to film a golden tree snake eating a gecko once. It was incredible.

Awwww, so that’s what a snake with a broken spine looks like…. now I can finally stop laying awake at night wishing I knew… thanks YouTube!! You’re like that uncle who has a crazy story for every topic that comes up.. ever.. yeah, the one that’s like amazingly creepy, but amazing nonetheless… yeah, that’s the one.

At 2:20, that snake appears to have a wound about half way down its body. I’m guessing it went into shock, otherwise this would’ve been an epic battle.
Its water monitor, Veranus, has a toxic bite. Its saliva isn’t venom but it will debilitate the victim of its bite. The same is true of its cousin, the Komodo Dragon. I filmed one slightly larger than your specimen on Hong Island, Thailand in 2017.

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