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Animals | October 6, 2022 3:21 AM | hangbony

Lion Pulls Out Baby Giraffe From Mother

Nature is sometimes so raw that it can get really hard to watch. This is one of those times. Not only did the doctor Lion perform a flawless C-section on the mother Giraffe, but he also took the baby for its first walk… a beautifully captured bonding moment!!

Well. You saw the title before you clicked the video. Kruger doesn’t use clickbait. If they say a lion will pull a baby from its mother’s carcass—that’s exactly what it’ll do. Now we just need a video titled “Lion Achieves World Peace.”

Wow. That was crazy. I wonder how long that baby was alive for while its mother was being eaten. I saw a video of an African wild dog pulling a baby gazelle out of its mother while the baby was kicking.

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