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Animals | October 6, 2022 10:24 AM | hangbony

Two Lions Fight to See Who’s King!

Two lions in Africa fight over who will be the one to mate with a fertile female. One lion loses and ends up with a bloody nose. Female lions try to intervene in the fight.

It’s amazing how lions are considered the epitome of bravery and ferocity throughout all of history, regardless of geographical location or cultural traditions. You truly deserve the title “King of the Jungle! I love how these two kings are fighting and completely unfazed by the petty attacks from the female lions. Thee legacy of becoming akingg, being aking,g and dying as akingg is not easy. There’s always a quality of fighting spirit in them.

Both male lions are part of the same pride and are actually a coalition, but both of them are strong. At 1.14, you can see that the dark-mated male attacked the other male. At the end, you can see that the same male “who supposedly lost the fight” and has a bloody nose is also mating. Check 4.49 with one of the females.

Also, the larger male was close to a female when he charged the darker male at the beginning, meaning that he was mating with her and thus protecting her. Chances are the fight escalated because one of the males got too close to the female he was mating with. My bet is that each male was mating with a different female. Taking a bloody nose doesn’t make the other male a loser; he just took a hit.

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