Falcon Attacks Dog!!!

Dude, that dog was all over that duck. It wanted to smell/lick it and the hawk probably wanted to tell it to back off its food/toy. If a hawk really wanted to seriously injure the dog, it would have had it with its beak but even more deadly talons, plus the bird seems trained enough.

Wow, I didn’t think peregrine falcons were that big! I live in Nottingham, UK. They live in the city centre on top of the university. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them on a few different occasions chasing pigeons and they looked not much bigger? Beautiful bird, you are very lucky! Poor dog, nice video lmao.

The fact is that those dogs are indeed naturally strong, and a very large number of dog owners are extremely undereducated about dog handling and training. Thus, when an owner is not able to control their rottweiler, it is more frightening than when someone can’t control their maltese/toy poodle/chihuahua whatever.