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Birds | October 20, 2022 1:08 AM | hangbony

A hawk attacked a squirrel, and then this happened…

Do you think this squirrel got away from the clutches of a Red-shouldered Hawk? Make sure to watch until the end to see if it makes an amazing escape! This incredible video was recorded from the LIVE bird and animal cameras in my backyard.

It looks like a young hawk, just learning how to find food for himself. He was very cautious in attacking the squirrel, much to the benefit of the squirrel. How that squirrel lived to tell the tale is incredible, considering the amount of time that raptor had his talons in him.

Poor little squirrel! He’s going to go back to his little squirrel nest and tell his little squirrel kids and little squirrel wife about how he beat the heck outta that hawk! I’m glad he has the chance to tell his family about his battle scars! He might be able to tell his grandbaby squirrels about how he got that battle scar someday!Smart squirrel as well!

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