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Birds | October 23, 2022 4:54 AM | hangbony

Great Argus Pheasant Mating Dance

I sometimes ask myself, “Did dinosaurs do this kind of dance too?” And then I imagine a Tyrannosaurus trying to do these sick moves. Also, I like his tail. What a beautiful bird! And to actually be able to see it do its mating dance right in front of everyone is amazing!
He took the rejection and walked away, respecting her decision, unlike some humans I know…

This always makes me smile. It’s like if a dude came up to me, opened up an umbrella in my face, and called it foreplay! I feel so bad for the bird. He had to do all that in front of too many onlookers who didn’t care about his struggles and didn’t seem to appreciate how rare a chance to see this mating dance live was. Also, he’s so domesticated.

Imagine if this was a human thing. Guys posing and dancing in flashy clothing and then shit when an attractive female approaches them.It would be far more entertaining than cat calling, for both the observers and the female herself.

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