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Birds | October 14, 2022 3:34 AM | hangbony

try the male version of the statue’s body, so it’s even more confusing

Trapping by using statues of male crooks, the first one on the peck is thought to be a rival, maybe hehehe.. After several escapes, it turned out that the first was stuck, followed by the second and third, because the day before, the afternoon stopped, even though there were still a lot of croaking birds. Okay, bro, the technique of trapping the cracks is very creative, and what I like the most is when you release the cracks back into their wild habitat. Greetings from Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara, sip friends.

Oh I like it. You are great. Thank you for sharing. It is very interesting. Good health and success to you. Thank you very much, bro, for sharing a very amazing video. I hope the sustenance goes smoothly, friend. Assalamualaikum, bro, it’s great, it’s delicious when it’s burned right away. Keep up the enthusiasm and success, bro. I hope you’re healthy and the channel is progressing.

Wow, a very unique technique to catch birds. I’m keeping an eye on things and sending you my full support as a new friend. You set them free. That’s such a great work of humanity.. save the birds.. II know this kind of way to be trapped bird is don int our villag. Itt is veryamazing.g

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