Bird Woodpecker Vs Snake On The Tree

After watching this, my respect for woodpeckers has just gone up. For that bird to go up against that big of a snack, that bird has some guts!😮Incredible courage is demonstrated by this tiny two-ounce body against this 100-times stronger snake. She loves her chicks more than her own life, knowing there’s not a winning chance for her.

Instead of cutting away to another story, it would have been nice to know if the bird finally defeated the snake.I had to laugh at those chicks–they looked like escapees from a punk rock concert. But it’s terrible to think they were killed by that damn snake. It might be nature. I may be wrong to interfere-but you can bet your life I would have saved them.

Caring for nature and our attitude toward animals demonstrate how we pay and respect our environment.It’s a real tribute to our Mother Earth. We men have wisdom and feelings, so we should use them towards the welfare of these animals and birds, along with vegetation. It’s our moral duty. What we sow today, we will reap tomorrow.