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Animals | October 26, 2022 8:37 AM | hangbony

Leopards must be afraid of the attack of wild dogs

The eternal hatred between the Lycaons and the LEOPARDS has a curious episode. Watch how this pack of Lycaon manages to corner an adult LEOPARD.

For my English speakers, he’s talking about the long and bloody history between felines and canines, and how deep their mutual hatred is. While it is dramatic, if you study paleontology, you’d know he is telling the truth. Since canids crossed from America to Eurasia and since felines crossed from Eurasia to the Americas, both clades have directly competed for the same resources, sometimes overtaking each other’s niche.

They are the most successful land animals in hunting, with 90% of their hunts successful. They are successful in addition to an extraordinary tolerance to wound infections. The first thing lycaons bite are the testicles, and with one bite they tear them out. The leopard was very smart not to face them.

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