In one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, hungry black vultures attend the mass gathering of turtles known as the “arribada” in Costa Rica. Thousands of olive ridley turtles attract vultures who feed on the eggs that are laid. Earthflight (Winged Planet) uses many different filming techniques to create the experience of flying with birds as they encounter some of the greatest natural events on the planet.

All that work, all those months of preparing to mate to be in the best shape, all that effort into creating the eggs and yokes, just for the vultures to say hey, you can’t fly, you don’t even have hands, how will you stop me? At first I was really worried when they ate all her babies, but then when I saw thousands of turtles along the beach, it seems there are many turtle babies that actually make it to adulthood.

They lay eggs painfully, but the birds eat them easily. It was a very sad moment. But we must realize that it helps to keep the balance of the environment . Same with snapping turtles in Michigan. I was lucky I didn’t step on the momma while recording in my flip flops. I posted it on my channel but the racoons were feasting within 3 minutes.