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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:07 PM | hangbony

Forming the Lion Pride – Dean Schneider

Forming a Lion Pride out of captive bred lions who are not related to one another and have no clue how to socialize with other lions was a big CHALLENGE! There‘s a lot that can go wrong when introducing lions to one another especially after a certain age!

I first had to study each ones character and behaviour very well and then put myself into their skin and try to see the situation out of their perspective! This allowed me to choose the next steps in the process of introduction and make my decisions very carefully.

Today I am very happy and even a little bit proud that everything went so well and the lions have their very own family now. But the Challenge is not Mastered yet! As they get older their behaviour will start to change and we hope to be able to keep the Hakuna Mipaka Pride in the constellation it is now.

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