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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:16 PM | hangbony

Education Compilation – Dean Schneider

My Mission is to Inspire & EDUCATE People all around the Globe🌍 about the beauty😍 of our Planets Wildlife!🐾
This is why EDUCATION is a big part of my Mission. We humans only fear the Unknown! The more we learn🤓 about something the more we understand it and in some cases we even develop love & fascination for it!

In my opinion EDUCATION is all about EXCITEMENT!🤪 The more exciting something appears to be the more I naturally learn about it. I listen more carefully, I remember more about it and I develop the desire to learn even more about it! This is why I try to keep my Educational Videos as short, fascinating and exciting as possible so that YOU GUYS can consume content with lots of joy, fascination and at the same time learn more about our Planets Wildlife!🐾

This is the type of stuff they need to be promoting on Netflix… Not the Tiger king drug addict who keeps his animals locked in cages. Dean takes much better care of his animals and actually aims to educate people on these magnificent creatures.

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